Several years ago my husband and I shared a vision. With a lot of hard work, help from family and friends plus most of our disposable income we turned vision into reality. The story of that journey is chronicled in my first blog (which I will put a link for at the bottom) and not really what I’m writing about today.

As was our city practise my husband walks our two dogs in the am before we leave for work. Then after work I walk them. This, despite the fact,that they stay outside and have the roaming space to do whatever they want during the day. And still this isn’t my real content as I’m just setting the stage.

So every day whether it is 30 above or 30 below I walk the dogs on a path through the native prairie and watch the flora change with the seasons. On be weekends I try to go for really long walks and explore. That’s what this is really about. Counting your blessings.

Even if your disposable income doesn’t allow for your own walking path you can still count your blessings by going for a walk in your neighbourhood. The sky above, the fresh air, the trees and flowers will replenish your soul. The time spent reflecting and releasing in your mind will make it worth while besides the physical health benefits

This week I’ve been enjoying the sound and sight of the snow geese flying over head at feeding time. The evenings grow short as fall sets in and the sunlight at this time of year is a melancholy yellow — quite different than spring or summer sunlight.

Snow geese kept coming
Waves of them flocking to feed
Bright White against blue



None of these photos have filters on and the only edit I did was to enlarge them so the geese were bigger. The colour at this time of year is just different. Pretty. And I feel so blessed to see this and share it with you.



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