TBT To Summer

Well we caved in finally. The wind is howling and feels like it came straight from the Arctic. We have reluctantly turned on a few radiators in the house. I personally have put on pants and socks — a grudging nod to fall.

So today’s TBT is a nod to summer. We had a cool wet spring but summer was fabulous. It was surprisingly not very windy, the mosquitos were not horrendous and the sunlight was long and bright.

We has perfect weather for the most important day — our daughter’s outside wedding. That was followed by a family reunion at the lake. We had an evening storm blow through on the Friday evening but otherwise we couldn’t have ordered better weather.

I love summer.

My beautiful daughter and her wonderful father share the dance floor while my son hugs me.

Sunset at the lake.

Crops in bloom — flax and canola. Surrounded by blue skies as far as the eye can see.

There was an abundance of Dragonflies this summer. I actually managed to capture a few close ups.

One of the best parts of Canada is the seasons so as summer fades I look forward to fall and the changes. I’m just not looking forward to socks!


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