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Point of view

Saw what you want about the CBC — and I suspect lots have much to say right now on that subject — they have a star in Rex Murphy.

If you have never watched his segment on The National you should you tube it and watch a selection. He is so eloquent and astute. He speaks from his heart and yet his points all match the nations thoughts. He doesn’t have his own show and only has a couple of minutes to express his opinion but he always nails it.

CBC also has Rick Mercer — now his point of view in The Rant usually has a more humorous take but it still drives home the point he is making.

And despite what people say about publicly funded radio or TV both these personalities take on the political powers regularly. And they usually speak what we all think.

So thanks Rex and Rick for keeping us informed and united. Stay proud Canada. Stay strong.



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Slow learning

Have you ever driven to a friends new house and taken the “long route” because you got slightly lost. Then the next time you go the wrong way again because that is the way that you went the first time. So then it becomes a big vicious circle and finding the easy way never seems to happen.

There are a lot of examples of this in my life — unfortunately. I am a quilter and love being creative. There are parts that I do very easily and parts that I struggle with in a huge way. Most quilters have issues doing binding corners and making them lie flat. I have that part cased but can not seem to figure out the joining of the two binding pieces. I have been shown by three different friends and I have looked at a blog and on youtube. But every time I struggle so sometimes I “cheat” and just cut it and hand turn it under. Occasionally Ron figures it out for me because he is much more analytical than I am.

Life is kind of like this — there are things that just seem so hard that you have to learn the lessons over and over again before they become ingrained. When I first started blogging the story of our house I had to have cheat sheets on how to upload the photos but eventually it became easier. ¬†A zillion years ago when I was a young¬†operating room nurse I had to create little mini reminders about the names of certain pieces of instruments.

But now it seems like I am rambling and can’t find the point of this blog! I suspect I might lose a few readers with this one. I’m going to cut myself some slack and not worry about that right now as I’ve had a couple of days where I haven’t physically been 100% but have still given 110% to my job so perhaps I am a bit depleted right now. Ah — back to the point! I went upstairs to finish a certain project and got stymied once again by not being able to figure out how to join the ends of the binding. Big fat zero for creative time tonight and accomplishing something on my to do list at the same time.

Oh well there is always tomorrow. I’m sure you have all had days like this!


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Stellar Sunday

The prairies often miss fall weather by going straight to winter. While this means more inside project time it translates to missing a colourful and peaceful time of year. We don’t control the weather and therefore take what is offered albeit with some whining occasionally. So this fall has been remarkable for most of us here on the prairies and I, for one, am really enjoying it. Alas the sun comes up late and goes down so early but there is still warmth in it which makes being outside enjoyable.

My long Sunday walk with the dogs was wonderful today. I could hear the swans down on the lake and some geese overhead although it seems most are gone. Strangely enough there is still green native grasses and a few bits of colour here and there.

Last great weather day
First fall in eons so nice
Loving all moments






It happened today
71 Mustang moves
Before the snow flew


For the past 5+ years Spencer’s old 71 Mustang has sat at the top of the circular driveway. It’s a bit of an issue as he lost the key. Every year the snow builds up around it so this year he had a deadline for moving it. Now the smart thing would to have been for him to sell it and move it forever away but he’s loath to part with it for some strange reason. He missed the deadline but did get it moved before the snow hit so I’m happy about that. Turns out he “knows a guy” (inside family joke) but for real this guy knew how to take the cylinder out and I look the gear shift. Then it was just a matter of some air in the tires and a downward push around the corner.

All in all it was a stellar Sunday. It would have been perfect if the other blog could be updated with our super big challenging project but techno issues. Hope you also had a great day. Feel free to leave a comment — it’s nice to know people are reading the ramblings.



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Plain talk

My mother always said to us “if you can’t say anything good don’t say anything at all”. Well now that’s a tough sell sometimes. I have a fairly short fuse although it has lengthened as I have aged and matured. My inside voice does occasionally make an outside appearance — ok — maybe it’s more than occasionally. I prefer to call a spade a spade and this has gotten me into hot water more than once.

Now in this age of political correctness that can be an issue. I love what the CBC comedy shows get away with but wonder why it is only comedians or very young children that can now “get away” with saying something obvious and plain. We should be sensitive and culturally appropriate but sometimes ….

When I get really old and cranky (I can hear my kids saying “you are already”) I’m going to revert back to saying what’s on my mind in plain terms.

Can you imagine this sign in Canada? Someone would file a complaint that we were discriminating against the elderly! I love it!


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Insomniac Activities

The Brooding Soldier Vancouver Corner Ypres, Belgium
The Brooding Soldier
Vancouver Corner
Ypres, Belgium

Ah yes the life of an insomniac. So the plus side is that you can do things in the middle of the night that you wouldn’t other wise do. Now before you think that I stay up to write, read or surf the net you’d be wrong — I spend 2 hours in bed with my eyes shut before I get up for an hour. Then I try again for two hours — perhaps with a hot shower before returning to bed. But when I am up I must be quiet so I generally do those three things above — and watch northern lights. Fortunately being menopausal seems to mean, for me, that I actually need less sleep so I can still be productive tomorrow. I’m glad I haven’t lived my whole life like this though as sleep is good.

Tonight’s thoughts are rambling a bit and probably won’t make the best post! I think perhaps I’ll hit a couple of throw back Thursday photo that will translate to where my thoughts are.

A few years ago we went on a U of S Chancellor’s Tour of England, France and Belgium as it related to Canada and the first world war. War is much more “personal” to those countries as have lived with it on their shores whereas we have only had “flings” with it until a few days ago. For me, going and seeing the battlefields were so many Canadian men died was extremely moving and often now at sunset I say to myself “and in the setting of the sun we will remember them” as those that see more easily the remnants of their sacrifices remember them. And now on our shores we will remember two men in uniform who gave their lives in service against a new kind of war.

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Proud and Free

A young man, unarmed, guarding the honour of our past and future, was killed yesterday. Such sadness for his family, his friends and his county.
The actions that lead to this tragedy will forever change Canada. We have always fought on foreign shores but have, I believe, felt safe on our own shores. We must stand proud and free.


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Weather haikus

An October day
Spent working in shorts and t
Love this fall weather

What a gorgeous night
Open windows northern lights
Up so enjoy it

Took my lunch outside
It’s so much like summer time
Still flowers blooming





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One Crazy Idea

A few years ago I discovered an old wagon hidden under a heap of wood and half buried in a slough of water. It became a favourite photographic location and netted a few stellar photos.
Fast forward to the completion of the restoration of our catalogue house and the commencement of landscaping. We want to keep our “yard” area fairly natural and low maintenance but it’s a pretty big space. We have a circular driveway that has a large garden area in it that we have faithfully been growing weeds in for 5 years. We have moved 3 enormous glacial rocks in and planted 2 trees but it’s still a substantial space.
Enter the crazy idea — let’s move that old wagon into that area says the engineer. The nurse says what? But as usual the engineer moves forward and does lots of reconnaissance and deep thinking.
Fall means low water levels and perhaps if the weather holds some free time from required projects. So today we gathered a few basic supplies and commenced the “move the wagon” project.
Stage 1 was to dig it out of the mud and jack it up. Rubber boots were required as was a shovel plus lots of blocking material.
Stage 2 required a good supply of gentle horse power and a few “skis” for the wheels — which no longer turn (imagine that after a few decades in the water). We were successful and it only took about 2 hours and lots of engineering ingenuity and some patience.
Stage 3 will require a different form of transportation — we can’t drag it from the current location to the desired spot without wheels. The hay field is densely Inhabited by moles and is brutal to drive let alone drag a wagon across.


deeply buried wheel in seriously thick muck

A good jack, some digging and some blocking later

Skis in place and ready to hook up the tow rope

Could be a commercial for a Chevy truck!

We had company but I guess it was boring for they went to sleep

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A feast for the eyes haiku

Spring green in the trees.

Spring all about green

Fall intense colours abound

A feast for the eyes

Saskatoon Forestry Farm shines in the fall
Saskatoon Forestry Farm shines in the fall
Up close and personal in the ravine.
Up close and personal in the ravine.
The grove in the middle of our walking trail.
The grove in the middle of our walking trail.