Re-Set Your Life

I sat listening to a speaker and her words resonated inside my soul and became a measuring stick to look deep inside myself.

She spoke about overcoming your fear and living a life with no limitations. Going outside your comfort zone and giving 100% to whatever you do.

To do these things you must stay determined, focused and have self discipline. Ah yes — that trait! The one that’s so hard. But that’s an excuse and an easy way out so you have to Just Do It”. Whatever “it” is to you.

I find it hard to imagine a life with no limits but that’s because I’m probably not thinking outside the box. But perhaps I’m confusing limits with responsibilities. It’s hard to just forgo your commitments and focus on yourself. So I have to ask myself can I stretch my limits within where I am and what I am.

I believe that it is possible but it does come down to that equipoise equation that is so Illusive. I’ve pushed myself into a sport where fit but fleshy people aren’t the norm (triathlon). We’ve restored an old house and homesteaded land. I’ve spoken up and for patients who needed an advocate. I’ve butted heads with bureaucrats in my volunteer life until I felt blue in the face. I’ve got plans for the early stages of retirement that will push my envelope.

So perhaps despite of or because of the day to day of life I live I have pushed myself to go forward where sitting back would have been easier.

It’s all food for thought which is partly why I blog although I had originally thought I’d do more creative stuff on here. Ah well I still have 11 more months. Oh and yesterday’s missed entry — brought about by a missing in my head password late late at night. Oh the joys of passwords!!



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