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My mother said, and I quote “if you are stupid enough to be a nurse you had better be a good one”. Tonight’s story isn’t about what kind of nurse I turned out to be but rather the path it sent me on. My mother believed that good nurses came from hospital based programs and so I ended up at Foothills Hospital School of Nursing in Calgary.

Fourth floor of residence was made up of small town Sask and Alta girls — thrown into the big city at 17 or 18 years of age. We learned more than just nursing skills there. There were a few life lessons along the way. Tears and exams and an endless closet of someone else’s clothes to wear to the dance. There were some crazy times balanced out with sad days and in the end we were the best of friends.

Fast forward a lot of years. We are still together, bonded by a connection that goes bone deep. Like old married couples we can finish each other’s sentences and stories. Laughter is often and frequent but so are tears. We occasionally even have a drink or two and fit in some exercise.

We are twisted soul sisters and we love it that way.

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