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Sunday Stillness

When I thought about having a second blog I was thinking quite structured and that, if I ever had followers, they would know that on Sunday’s it was Stillness and Wednesdays’ were wacky day etc. But so far I have just randomly picked thoughts up, written and hit publish.

So if I was writing about Sunday’s stillness it wouldn’t have been evident in my life today except when I first woke up and spent a few minutes in bed enjoying the sunshine and the quiet. Then it was full tilt ahead for the entire day. I helped my daughter and son-in-law move from the city to a new house out in the country. I also cleaned our house in the am and did my usual weekend financial updates.

Late afternoon was the enjoyable Sunday stillness except that it was in motion. I always take the dogs for a good walk on Sunday. Today was a stellar day — blue skies, warm temps and no wind so it was a great day for the four dogs to have a swim. Today was the last day with Alyssa and Taylor’s dogs so walks will be a lot quieter in the future.

I’m posting from my lap top so not sure if I can do pictures or not.