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Round 1 goes to …..

Home alone and armed only with knowledge and patience my job was to free him from his suffering.
He had came bounding around the corner — full of life but a little bit crazed. I was glad he was back but it turns out the pup had encountered his first porcupine. Needless to say the porcupine won round 1 — they always do. In fact they win every round — it just depends on how smart the dog is about how many rounds they will go.
So I quickly rounded up Whiskey — the pup that is — and set to work. He is a 16 month old German shepherd who’s still filling out. He knew I was trying to help him but lying still wasn’t on his scope at that moment. 15 mins later I was dirty, wet, bloody and had been tossed aside twice when he flipped free of me but the 30 quills were mostly gone.
There was no thanks not even a lick of appreciation but that’s a dog for you!


Ps — there are no pictures with this post as there is never any time to grab a photo when you have your hands full of dog face.