Seasonal Adjustment

Every fall I struggle with the decreasing hours of sunlight. I noticed last week that getting out of bed was harder — the sun now gets up when I am already in the shower. The evening outside time has become so short that accomplishing anything after supper is a struggle. Add to that a few days of cloud cover and boom — I’m feeling tired.
I cherish sunshine — seems like a strong word but really I do. It’s my battery and soothes my soul. A lot of my haikus are about sunshine.

The dark of the night
Has invaded my day
Winter is coming

Faint faint light of day
greets me as I rise to work
Moon and stars still up

Deprived of the sun
I seek out the bright moon beams
Globe of reflection

Sun feast for my eyes
Now just on the horizon
As the daylight fades



Blue skies and Sunshine


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