TBT memories

Memories are an elusive item full of differing thoughts and ideas of what actually happened. But perhaps that’s because, to each of us, something different happens.

My biological family laughs because each of my childhood memories is encased in sunshine. Apparently the sun wasn’t always shining but I don’t seem to have any memories that include cloudy days. I’m very much a solar powered individual and I guess that’s reflected in what my brain brings forth from past years.

Take the picture that I posted for an example. I remember how much fun we had as a family and how warm and engulfed we all were in being together and creating. Our children. aged approximately 5 to 7 in the photo, probably don’t have specific memories stirred by this picture but will remember the overall feeling of camping. My husband may remember something entirely different in regards to our time at Jackfish Lake.

But no matter which bits we can recall the general feeling of happy family times will emerge with looking at this photo.

TBT — miss those simple times.



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