Skiers who live near the mountains often forgo the weekend’s skiing for commitments at home. Locals who live in an interesting area often haven’t been to the top tourist attraction in their city as it’s too touristy.

Ron and I fell into this kind of complacency trap this year. We have a fire pit with access to a LOT of wood and this year we have had very few fires. Occasionally the fire pit is under water as it was most of this spring and frequently it is too windy on the edge of the native prairie for a fire. This summer has been quite calm and the most significantly dry year we have had since living in the country.

So one is left to wonder why so few fires although I suspect it is a plethora of reasons and not just a specific one. And as luck would have it about 10 minutes after we started the fire the wind picked up so it was reality short lived but enjoyed none the less.



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