Throw back Thursday

I remember learning all the LOL and RIR etc during our children’s teenage years. Technology and the times change and I do believe it is important to change with the times. My favourite one, for sure, is TBT which I learnt on Instagram.
Throw back Thursday — to a time before! This differs with the age of the “poster” but I think it reminds us all to look at our roots. I have always enjoyed old photos and family trees. Our children enjoyed looking at our photo albums when they were in their middle years and reminiscing. We moved a few years ago and our photo albums have been in boxes since then and I miss them. That’s a winter project for this year — the cabinet for them needs to be refinished and hung so they can be accessible. The other photos you don’t see are the ones in the computer — or at least at our house. We rarely print them anymore and I miss looking at our life in pictures. That again is another winter project (I for one, am ok with winter when it arrives as it allows me to change project focus).

But in the meantime here are a couple of throw back Thursday photos.

Our first passports -- 1981
Our first passports — 1981
Our last trip abroad (Ireland) - 2103
Our last trip abroad (Ireland) – 2103


They are both throw back Thursday pictures — just 30+ years apart!



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