Blogging Bump

Well I tried unsuccessfully to upload pictures into the blog from my Iphone last night and I also couldn’t figure out how to instantly connect it to a status update on Facebook. I may have to follow in Ron’s footsteps and “read the manual” — ie the beginner’s tutorial. I did want to learn new things and know that in a month this will all seem like old hat.

I think about how much I have learnt at work over the years and try to remember that daily when I am teaching new nurses. It’s always a lot to absorb in the beginning but it becomes easier as you go along. Once you get comfortable with the basics then you can start to more deeply understand and delve into what you are doing. That is perhaps what makes the difference in people’s performances — some never get to the part where they reach that stage as they get bored or impatient or can’t be bothered. I’m seriously committed to this so hope that in the end I am not one of those who “buggers off” because it became too hard or I get bored.

Todays’ haiku. I have a lovely picture to go with this — I’m going to try again!!!

It’s reality

Green leaves are turning colour

So begins the fall

Sept 1 2014 010



One thought on “Blogging Bump

  1. monikakinnerwhalen September 4, 2014 / 4:18 am

    I am so happy to see this Bernie!
    Love your photos, haikus, and reflections. 🙂


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