First day of school

I was so mentally prepared for this blog post. It was going to be the crazy story of my first day of school and the “not real” picture of it. Only I can’t find the picture. For an organized person, who knew exactly where it was, I’ve just spent 20 frustrating minutes looking. And now I have a mess! Plus I want time to clean it up and truly organize the photos and mementoes of our years but I can’t see that happening for a few months — like really years till I retire.
So today’s blog post is really about being derailed even when you make a plan. Then learning to go with the new plan. You never plan for rain or funerals but you fit the time in for them or change plans according. If you are baking or cooking and are missing an ingredient you adjust. So that’s what I did tonight. No pic and no story. But I blogged it!
Maybe next Sept I’ll post that picture (it’s a cutie) and tell that story as my last post for my year long challenge.

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