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A New Challenge

My first (and ongoing) blog is all about a 1918 house that my husband and I have renovated. I’ve often thought about having a second blog where I could record other items pertinent to my life such as photographs, haikus and thoughts. A place where I could be creative in any format that I would and could chose.

As a child September equated with back to school. As a young adult it brought bigger challenges as I moved forward in my chosen career. As a mother September became the new reality after a summer of morning freedom. As a volunteer things often ramp up in September. Well this September I decided to challenge myself with a daily blog.

It may be a random photo with a short story, a haiku with a corresponding picture or a funny story I want to share. I always have a few projects on the go and this would be another forum for sharing them. That’s part of the challenge — to kindle in myself a commitment and a sharing. I actually had a format in mind but I think perhaps I’m going to try and just go free form on this — without a specific structure which could prove interesting as that is not my usual

I had wanted to call this blog “A Balancing Act” but had to settle on “Equipoiselife” — which in itself means balance  and life so I guess the connotation is the same. I want to stimulate my brain with learning — new blog site on a different host site, increase my vocabulary and balance the creative side of my brain with the “working life” part of my brain. I’m not a Sudoku person — numbers are not my forte but I need to keep my brain active as I am definitely middle aged and menopausal. So I turned to words which have always excited me.

So starting tomorrow I will post something daily (unless the computer crashes or something seriously crazy happens) for the next 365 days.